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With a professional and efficient work ethic, providing consistently high standards, you can be confident that your tree care needs are in safe hands.

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Tree Felling

Tree felling is defined as the cutting down of a tree or shrub, to a specified height, usually as close to ground level as possible, leaving just the stump.

Tree felling is only suitable on trees which have sufficient area in the direction of felling, to enable an accurate felling cut to avoid causing damage to property or other areas of the garden.


When a large tree requires felling, but there is insufficient space to fell in one piece, then the tree is climbed using ropes and harness and is then taken down in stages.

Any limbs or sections, likely to damage the surrounding property or lawn, can be lowered to the ground under control using an additional rope lowering system.

Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning consists of three primary operations: Crown lifting, crown thinning and crown reduction. Pruning often includes the removal of any dead or crossing branches.

Pruning operations are carried out for a variety of reasons, but primarily to create sufficient ground clearance, a uniform tree shape and a balanced canopy. Various species respond differently to pruning, and some require seasonal attention, such as fruit trees.

Crown Lifting

Crown Lifting involves the removal of the lowest branches and/or preparing of low hanging limbs for future removal.

Crown Lifting is often employed where low limbs are causing a potential threat to property, or to facilitate a new garden feature such as a shed being installed beneath the tree canopy.

Crown Thinning

Crown Thinning involves selective removal of dead wood, crossing limbs and smaller tertiary branches. Ivy is often removed during this process to allow increased light penetration in to the garden.

Crown thinning creates an even density of foliage, a balanced canopy. The surface area of the crown is reduced, without compromising the size and shape of the tree, allowing an increased resistance during strong winds.

Crown Reduction

Crown Reduction involves the removal of the extremities of the foliage-bearing portion of the crown in both height and spread.

Crown reductions essentially re-shape the tree into a smaller version, generally creating a more tidy visual impression. Enhanced light is often experienced, allowing adjacent trees, hedges or shrubs to develop additional growth.

Stump Removal

Stump Removal generally involves the mechanical removal of the stump following tree felling. Specialist machinery is required for larger stumps and will be quoted separately to the tree work.

Stumps are routed out to a depth of 6-8”, with the waste being used to infill the hole. Eventually the stump area can be re-turfed or seeded. Smaller stumps may be removed using hand tools.


Pollarding involves the removal of limbs at a prescribed height, to encourage multi stem branching from that point during the next season. The wood is often used as fodder, firewood or as poles.

Once pollarding has been initiated, it is best practice to continue with the procedure on a cyclical basis, always retaining the initial pollard point.

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With a professional and efficient work ethic, providing consistently high standards, you can be confident that your tree care needs are in safe hands.

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Tree Tamers will provide you with a FREE written quotation within 24 hours of discussing your needs, and ensure our 5 core values are always adhered to.

Core Service Values

  • Good Manners

    Polite, Presentable and Courteous, maintaining appointments at all times.

  • Courteous

    Considerate of the neighbours, and inform them of pending work being conducted if required.

  • Professional

    Conduct local authority checks as required for services and tree preservation orders.

  • Impeccable Planning

    We Plan all work in accordance with BS3998 ‘Recommendations for tree work’.

  • Lasting impression

    Leave the garden in a clean and tidy condition. The last impression is key.

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Mr Goodchild

These guys were a pleasure to work with. Always on time and happy to go the extra mile if requested. I would thoroughly recommend Tree Tamers for any tree care services.

Mr GoodchildHedge Trimming
Mr A Lowe

Frazer is a good honest chap who works hard and is very trustworthy. He has felled in excess of 25 trees for us, thoroughly recommend him.

Mr A LoweFelled Trees
Mr D Baker

Cracking people, highly skilled and very knowledgeable. Would recommend to others.

Mr D BakerStump Grinding
Mrs C Woolstencroft

Tree Tamers dismantled 2 large trees for us this week. I was so impressed by the accuracy of their work, as our greenhouse is nearby. Will be using them again for our seasonal pruning.

Mrs C WoolstencroftTree Dismantling